Based on research published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 20 million American citizens are afflicted by drug or alcohol dependence. This overwhelming figure means that somewhere around 10 percent of Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol or drugs, that is also more or less the same number as the human population in Texas. For a lot of Americans, addiction to drugs or alcohol is a problem they will never find a way to escape from. However, a new drug has been permitted for use on individuals who are recovering from opioid addiction. Individuals recovering from opiate abuse and under-going opiate rehab now have the opportunity to get helped by Vivitrol. Even though doctors and scientists can’t stand the term “miracle drug”, it seems that Vivitrol is exactly that to some recovering addicts.

What Exactly is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is the name brand for a naltrexone injectable medicine. It has been utilized to treat alcohol dependence for a few years and just lately was approved to help treat individuals recovering from an opiate dependence. Vivitrol is just available for individuals over the age of 18 and has to be administered by a medical professional. The medicine is injected intramuscularly into the affected person one time every four weeks and functions to bind to the opioid receptors in the brain and prevent the craving and effects of drugs like methadone and heroin.

Possible Side-effects

There are some serious side-effects of using Vivitrol including allergic reactions at the site of the injections, liver damage, and hepatitis. The tissue surrounding the injection site may even die (necrosis) and need to be surgically removed. In addition the medicine is not appropriate for those who have taken opioids within the past Ten days leading up to treatment of Vivitrol as it can cause serious reactions. Then again the most frequent side-effects are actually less serious, such as nausea, headache, tiredness, appetite loss and muscle aches.

Life Changing For A Few

An individual who’s made a handful of headlines recently is Nicole Kapulsky, who has recovered from her opiate dependency through the use of Vivitrol and swears by it. Kapulsky, a 35 year-old woman lost almost everything as soon as she became addicted to opiates during 2009 and was unable to discover a treatment that worked for her. She turned to Vivitrol and now has been clean for 19 months, saying the medication saved her life. She no longer thinks about heroin or any other narcotics any more and claims to have her life in order.

Today, in the nation, more than 25 million people are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. With the help of medications like Vivitrol, that number can be decreased. Vivitrol is believed to be a “miracle drug” by some with regards to breaking the cycle of opiate abuse. People who’ve recently gone through opiate rehab are finding a strategy to stay clean permanently, and they only have to take the medicine once per month. Go to to see more about opiate abuse in the us.