After the series of unsettling events which occurred earlier this year, such as the story of the man that attacked and ate the face of a guy in South Florida, and the story of the man that ate his nearly forty pound canine, the Cdc created a tongue in cheek marketing campaign to boost awareness of being prepared for disasters. The Center for disease control utilized the frightening news headlines of crazy people in the usa along with the terrifying revelation of people consuming a flesh eating drug referred to as krokodil in Russia to encourage individuals to be prepared for major catastrophes. The Zombie Preparedness marketing campaign has proven to be an effective platform to reach a new audience for the CDC. They say that if individuals are ready for a zombie apocalypse, they’ll also be adequately prepared for a gamut of additional catastrophes including hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or disease outbreak.

Zombie Interest Skyrocketing

The CDC isn’t the only agency cashing in on America’s renewed interest in the undead. AMC’s adaptation of the graphic novel series “The Walking Dead” has been nominated for six emmys in just 2 years and the season Two finale had an audience of over 9 million viewers which set a record for most viewed cable broadcast. Within video gaming, “Dead Island” and “Left 4 Dead 2” were among 2011’s most in-demand titles and November’s release of “Call of Duty Black Ops 2” featuring an expansive zombie mode is likely to be the biggest seller of the season. However, possibly the most brilliant exploitation of zombie appeal is bestowed upon Reed Street Productions, who created an event named Run For Your Lives, which is an event where individuals pay $70 per person to run through a 5 kilometer zombie obstacle course. These kinds of events take place in cities throughout the United States and manage to always sell out, creating a ton of money for the coordinators of the event.

Will The Craze Fade?

With so many companies and organizations inundating the market with zombie related merchandise, interactive events, and media, the American public is likely to get bored with all the zombie exposure soon. However, right now the zombie trend is still garnering a huge amount of public support. Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” ,which starts in October, is likely to break all of the viewership records that season 2 previously broke earlier this year.

It’s great to know that organizations such as the CDC are using the buzz of zombies for everybody else’s benefit and not just for personal gains. Their hope is by utilizing the recent events regarding the Miami “bath salts zombie” and the expansion of the tissue destroying drug krokodil in Russia they can warn individuals to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. The more people get ready for these events by making certain to have water that is clean, medical kits, flashlights and various other provisions, the better off the nation will be if a natural disaster occurs. Check out to learn more about bath salts.