The bad condition of the economy in the country and Europe throughout the last Few years has forced people to cut back on higher priced items and frivolous expenses. A lot more Americans and Europeans are discovering ways to save more money and steer clear of bankruptcy while the stock market continues to perform negatively. The economic depression has had an effect on drug users in the country. Most people struggling with drug addiction experienced difficulties sustaining their drug habit on account of just how expensive substances like cocaine or oxycontin have become. This has caused a substantial increase in the number of individuals who have switched from those substances to cheaper method of getting high, such as huffing chemicals. These people will ultimately need help from drug treatment programs to get clean. Go to for more information on drug treatment.

The Huffing Problem

Lots of individuals have turned to huffing solvents in order to get high. The process of huffing involves getting a plastic or paper bag and then placing a harmful substance such as paint thinner, nail polish remover, industrial glue, hairspray, or white-out inside the plastic bag. The individual then takes the plastic bag and puts it over their face, continuously inhaling and exhaling the harmful chemicals and basically depriving their brains of oxygen. Any time the brain doesn’t get sufficient oxygen, it begins to create a a sense of disorientation and the body produces chemicals that create the sensation of peace and euphoria.

Lethal Consequences

Huffing solvents is incredibly hazardous, and it can even be fatal. By depriving the body of valuable o2, the person can easily black out and not manage to remove the plastic bag from their face causing death by suffocation. Yet another downside to huffing chemicals is just how easy these are to purchase. Paint thinner, hairspray, white out, and nail polish remover are all very easy items to purchase even for kids. In some parts of Europe, such as Ireland approximately twenty percent of most 15-18 year old substance users experiment with chemicals.

Permanent Side Effects of Solvent Abuse

Along with the initial feelings of faintness and euphoria, the side-effects of chemical abuse is often staggering. The short term side effects tend to be red rashes around the mouth and nose, in addition to acute headaches. However, the long-term side effects can be extremely disastrous. Huffing has been connected to permanent liver, heart and kidney damage along with some very serious brain damage in some instances. Chemical abuse is responsible for over 75 deaths a year, with many of the victims being under the age of Twenty.

Since the economy in america and Europe continues to have difficulty, more and more people will be switching to solvents in order to get a quick, cheap high. This particular type of behavior is extremely dangerous and huffing chemicals can cause serious long-term side effects and even death in some instances. The true problem is that solvents are low-priced and easy to purchase even by children and teenagers that are especially susceptible to the side-effects of abusing them. Solvent abuse and substance abuse is becoming a bigger issue throughout the world and needs to be carefully monitored. Visit for info on drug abuse.