When students throughout the united states get ready for the new school year, anti-drug advocates will also be preparing with brand new campaigns designed to keep kids drug free. It is a continuous battle to find new ways to reach students through school campaigns and keep them devoted to their class work and away from the temptations of using alcohol or drugs. New drugs are created or introduced to the public every year and it’s up to the individuals running these anti-drug promotions to create appropriate ways to warn students about the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. Several teens will need to go through alcohol and drug rehabilitation and live in a halfway house if they become addicted. Browse https://www.thewatershed.com/treatment/programs/halfway-house-at-the-watershed/ for additional information on halfway houses.

Previously Effective Campaigns

Throughout the Eighties and 90′s Nancy Reagan created the “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign. The 1st Lady took over as figurehead of the campaign and visited schools all over the United States and speak of the dangers of using narcotics and ways to manage the peer pressure to try drugs in high school. She also had guest performances on kids and teen targeted tv shows throughout the 1980s to promote drug awareness. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the amount of children and young adults that took harmful drugs dropped by over ten percent.

Creating Successful Drug Awareness Campaigns

The actual “Just Say No” marketing campaign seemed to be successful simply because Nancy Reagan had been a very famous and successful lady whom many children and teens could idolize. One of the greatest elements an anti-drug campaign should focus on is getting individuals who kids look up to to endorse staying drug-free. Right now Superstars like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj have substantial impact over teens so they would be excellent people to utilize to promote the drug awareness campaigns. The campaign should also be relevant to the types of new narcotics teens are coming into contact with. This year’s cool new substance is bath salts and synthetic marijuana called spice which may often be purchased lawfully by teens from service stations and supermarkets.

Going Digital

When Nancy Reagan was endorsing her “Just Say No” strategy, she used tv and radio station advertisements to reach the teens. These days promoters of recent campaigns have to focus on additional ads for sites like Youtube as well as other online advertisements which is where the majority of teens currently obtain information. They need to design their campaigns as a way to reach individuals on their own cellular smartphones that more and more young adults have these days. The us is in the process of moving from more print and tv advertising to digital advertising and teens are at the forefront, therefore the best way to reach the greatest number of them is via the digital medium.

Year after year as students look forward to commencing their new school year, anti-drug campaigns target new strategies to keep them clean and in class. The changes in drug trends and culture make the job of reaching these teens quite challenging. It’s up to the individuals leading many of these campaigns to continually develop new ways of getting the message of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse to these students. Browse https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/drug-and-alcohol-rehabilitation/ for additional info on drug and alcohol rehab.