Pot has long been argued to be among the least harmful illegal drugs in the states. Some argue that it is much less harmful to an individual’s health than alcohol, cigarettes and even caffeine. Many Florida detox and rehab centers don’t even offer treatment options for marijuana abuse. Still new research which has been published within the last couple of months has linked weed to numerous new health complications. A couple of studies have been printed just lately that describe new dangers of long term weed abuse. For example, smoking weed could cause problems with the reproductive systems of both ladies and men.

Increased Likelihood of Testicular Cancer

Researchers at USC recently published new research that discovered a connection between testicular cancer and marijuana use within men. Testicular cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer in men between the ages of 17 and 50 years old. The information taken from more than Three hundred male participants noted that adult men with a history of marijuana abuse were much more likely to have developed non-seminoma cancers. Even though scientists are unclear about exactly how weed really causes this type of cancer, it seems to be playing a part in the development of tumors. The study additionally noted that the chances of developing cancer were higher if the individual had began using marijuana when they were simply teenagers. It is possible that abusing pot during puberty may have some adverse effects on a males testis.

Problems During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Cannabis use leads to problems in females almost as often as it does in males. A new study released in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, provides data that connects preeclampsia to cannabis abuse in women. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy issue by which the mother develops elevated blood pressure and it affects the useful functionality of the placenta. The endocannabinoid signaling process is very important in pregnancy and is disturbed by cannabis use. This can result in growth difficulties within the newborn and also complications during childbirth.

Using Pot Decreases Fertility

Men who abuse pot have more difficulty with their fertility when compared with males who do not use pot. Research carried out by the director of andrology at the University of Buffalo found that THC, the active component in marijuana, triggers complications with males fertility. THC triggers hyperactivity in sperm and can cause the cells to act abnormally. In reality, males who are already borderline infertile, will likely grow to be totally infertile simply by using pot.

These new revelations concerning pot use will probably alter some people’s opinions of legalizing the substance. Many people will continue to believe that weed is less dangerous than alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, yet now that a lot more is known of the risks of using the drug, it is likely that fewer people will move to get it legalized. Some individuals with serious cannabis problems will need to go through Florida detox at a rehab center. Check out https://www.thewatershed.com/treatment/resources/rehab-center/ for additional information on rehab centers.