This is a quite progressive time in the world and mobile technologies have turned into a very important component of culture and how people are able to communicate and share everything from anyplace. Mobile applications for Iphone and Droid have become essential tools to help individuals make their own lives easier and much more convenient. There are apps for almost anything an individual can think of, meaning there are apps to help recovering abusers stay clean. Portable apps can help individuals who are in situations that trigger their addiction press past the temptations to use all over again. Currently there are sober living apps created to aid people with alcohol addiction as well as ones which can help individuals with addictions to drugs. Browse for info on alcohol rehab facilities in Florida.

Applications For Recovering Alcoholics

There are lots of free and paid apps created especially for people who are recently recovered alcoholics. The leading free application according to Apple’s App Store is Sponsor Support, which supports individuals going through the 12 steps of rehabilitation keep track of the number of days months and years they’ve long been sober for. It also offers a feature to immediately call or text helplines or sponsors in times of need. The built in GPS aids recovering alcoholics locate assembly spots for AA meetings. The leading paid application is 12 Steps AA Companion which is readily available for $2.99 for Iphone and Android. This kind of application offers the very same features as the free version but in addition helps addicts by providing them inspirational quotes of the day. It also provides greater than 160 pages from the holy bible for recovering alcoholics to read from and suggests passages to study every day.

Applications intended for Recovering Drug Users

Just as there are some apps specifically designed to help individuals attending Aa, there are also some applications specially tailored to suit the needs of people who go to Narcotics Anonymous and are recovering from drug addictions. The top application for recovering drug addicts is actually Friend of Jimmy which can be available for Iphone for only $ 1. Friend of Jimmy is for individuals that go to Narcotics Anonymous and enables its users to see their own recovery time broken down into years, months, days, hours and minutes. Being able to keep track of their progress anywhere they go may substantially enhance a recovering drug abusers results at staying away from drugs. This particular application, similar to the apps developed to aid alcoholics provides inspirational support through a selection of motivational phrases. Abusers also can get in touch with their own sponsor when they need them over the touch of a button.

Recovery apps like these have become a fresh trend and can really aid people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. Preventing relapse is one of the most important goals of rehab treatment clinics and applications such as these are making their own jobs easier. The Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous apps are an inexpensive and convenient way for people in the recovery community connect with each other and avoid seeking relapse treatment. Check out for help with sober living.