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SearchCap: The Day In Search, January 30, 2012

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yandex Joins Bing, Yahoo In Using Nokia-Navteq Map Data

    Russian search giant Yandex announced that it will be licensing data from Nokia-owned Navteq to offer better and more comprehensive maps coverage around the world: Yandex . . . has purchased a license for digital maps supplied by the leading global location content provider, NAVTEQ…

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Choosing Residential Alcohol Rehab As A Rehabilitation Tool

In alcoholic addiction, not only is the abuser impacted but also the relatives and close friends of the substance abuser. Alcohol is characterized by a range of signs and symptoms which makes recovery without assistance a virtually impossible task which can also be life threatening. A professional residential alcohol addiction treatment facility can provide the necessary methods for effective rehabilitation.

Identify The Problem

Alcoholism is diagnosed according to a range of signs and symptoms that relate to physical, psychological and social elements. Two of the more serious indicators of addiction include tolerance and withdrawal, where tolerance requires that more alcohol be consumed in order to reach previous levels of intoxication. When an individual develops a withdrawal, it means that a craving has resulted upon the elimination of the use of the addictive substance.

Life Impact

Not only are physical elements affected but also areas such as personal relationships with loved ones as well as employment and financial status. Effective rehabilitation procedures may begin once an abuser acknowledges that he or she has a problem. The detoxification process is the next step to recovery and due to the nature of physical and psychological symptoms, requires the assistance of medical staff.

Highly Recommended

Residential alcohol treatment is highly recommended in cases of addiction and involves the implementation of therapeutic programs in a residential setting. Patients are required to temporarily live at the particular facility while in the process of completing the rehabilitation program. The benefits of enrolling into such a rehabilitation facility is in the fact that addicts are no longer exposed to usual habits and are away from the environment which played a maintaining role in the addiction.

Change In Environment

A change of environment enables the client to move away from potential triggers and stressful elements and face their future with a refreshed look. There are a number of factors to consider with inpatient options for the recovery of an addiction to alcoholic substances. This includes programs for rehabilitation offered through the facility, staff experience and quality of available amenities.

The Time Table

The period for alcoholic recovery may differ from center to center but most specialists and medical professionals will highly recommend an inpatient setting because of its long-term requirements. A short-term option will only provide a maximum of 30 days for therapy, which is certainly not long enough for successful outcomes. This is because many alcoholics have been engaging in substance abuse for months and even years before help is sought.

Different Programs and Policies

Every setting will have its own programs, rules and policies with regard to the processes involved in therapy. The sober living facility should be selected based on the effectiveness of its recovery programs that include a detoxification program as well as education with regard to the addiction and prevention of continuing the abuse. Remaining sober and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also dependent on the creation of a solid support group and should involve friends and family.

WordPress How To Convert Tables to Innodb

Innodb tables are tables within MySQL that should be used instead of MyISAM for numerous reasons, the very least is that their transactional nature means they will not corrupt if you system has to reboot or lose power.

One of the problems is to change your tables from MyISAM to Innodb you need to run the following command:
Once per table and that means lots of manual typing

I found a script that will create the list of tables for you:
SELECT CONCAT( 'ALTER TABLE `', table_schema, '`.`', table_name, '` ENGINE=InnoDB;' )
FROM information_schema.tables
AND table_schema NOT
IN (
'information_schema', 'mysql'

Which outputs something like:
ALTER TABLE YourDB.wp_bad_behavior ENGINE=InnoDB;
ALTER TABLE YourDB.wp_commentmeta ENGINE=InnoDB;
ALTER TABLE YourDB.wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB;
ALTER TABLE YourDB.wp_options ENGINE=InnoDB;

Which you can then cut and paste into any MySQL SQL window and run and all your tables are converted. The nice thing is if the script stops for some reason you can rerun the first script again without breaking anything.

Note – if you see ‘….’ at the end of the ‘ALTER TABLE’ lines this is phpMyAdmin truncating the output – turn on full text output and you’ll see the correct commans.

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WordPress How To Convert Tables to Innodb

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Comics of the week #114

Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD.

The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers.

These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today.

So for a few moments, take a break from your daily routine, have a laugh and enjoy these funny cartoons…

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Young Adult Drug Program – Options To Consider

If you have a teenager or young adult in your family suffering from problems with drugs, it may be time to think about contacting a young adult drug treatment clinic for advice on any programs available. These clinics offer an ideal environment to help deal with addiction problems. The young person will receive all the support and encouragement they need to recover from their dependency on drugs.

Adolescent Years

Adolescence can be a difficult part of one’s life. Hormones are all over the place and this can cause mood swings and vulnerability. Sometimes, young people deal with the changes going on in their minds and bodies by turning to drugs as a quick fix for dealing with confidence issues. The downside of this is the pain of addiction.

Health Insurance

The cost of the stay could be covered by health insurance, so it is worthwhile to check this with the provider. These privately run clinics are comfortable and clean and the patient will be made to feel secure that they are going to receive the best possible treatment. All staff at the clinic is supportive and sensitive to each person’s needs.


Your adolescent will come into contact with others of their age who have the same problems. They can encourage each other through the use of group counseling sessions and give each other tips on how to beat their addiction to drugs. Individual sessions with a trained drugs counselor will also be offered.

Mental Illness

It could be that the root of the addiction has been caused by mental illness and psychiatric support is available if needed. There are short-term medications that can help with the pain of withdrawal from drugs. Other treatments may also be advised.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic weed rehabilitation that take care of the mind and body are becoming very popular and widely recognized by the medical community. Yoga, for example, can help to deal with the tension caused by drug cravings without resorting to medicines. Other techniques such as reflexology can also be offered.


Recreational activities are also on offer to ensure that the patient has something to keep him or her motivated in their recovery. They can take part in sports such as swimming or basketball. Other leisure activities on offer at many of these residential clinics are horse riding, fishing and even the occasional outing to the shops.

Life Skills

Life skills coaching and educational opportunities can also be made available. This is an excellent way to prepare them for when they leave the security offered by the clinic and start to brave the world on their own. Careers advice can also be offered for those who are old enough to start work once they leave.


Family involvement is an important part of the recovery process. Parents and close family members are encouraged to take part in some of the leisure activities that are available, and some clinics offer special family days. They are also given plenty of emotional support and educated on what are the triggers that lead to drug use.

Scoop! Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference Planned By Business Leaders

You heard it here first! The Duluth Chamber of Commerce is about to announce an ambitious three track social media marketing conference.  “Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference 2012, Tips, Tools, Tactics, & Beyond,” will be held May 23, in multiple locations in our beautiful city.

But make no mistake. This is no “local” conference, rather a national level conclave held locally…

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U.S. Passport Rush For Deadlines

Travel planning by its very definition can be stressful. There are so many things to do, especially when talking about international travel. The trip taker must pack for different climates, get plane tickets, their passport and many other things. Often times, people are prepared but for those who forget, there may be the need for a American passport rush.

You Need A Passport

The problem is that because of travel restrictions by the Department Of Homeland Security and the State Department, getting one takes longer than ever to receive. It can take 10 weeks to get one of these IDs, going through the normal channels. However, many people have immediate needs for them.

You Need An Itinerary

Today, one is required for any travel outside of the US borders or territories. This means a spontaneous traveler may need to get an expedited passport. The first thing you may need to do is to put your itinerary together. You will need this information to go forward with any kind of rush on passport, according to the US State Department. They also state the normal wait time to get one can take 4-10 weeks. This means following the guidelines of getting a rushed one is very important.

You Need Help

The application fee is currently set at a high price for anyone over 18. It’s less expensive for those under 18. The cost to expedite one of these IDs is added to the regular price, and may make the package quite expensive. Payment methods may vary depending on how you plan to submit your application.

You Need Documents

The process for getting it varies slightly depending on the speed at which you need it. To begin, the traveler will need to gather the items mentioned above. You may then determine which application option you want to pursue.

You Must Pay The Fee

According to travel agents, the best course of action to get an expedited passport is to visit a regional office, which can be located by calling a specific number. In order to get assistance from a regional office, however, you must have a travel date within two weeks. When calling the regional office, the traveler will get an exact location of the local office and an appointment time will be given. The traveler will be required to be at the meeting. All documents and payment will be required at that time.

You Need A Speedy Delivery

If the traveler chooses to hire an outside agency, there may be even greater chance of getting the document faster. Some websites offer services ranging from the normal speed to 24 hours. The costs associated reflect the speed at which you would like the ID delivered.

You Can Track The Progress

If the traveler chooses to handle this United States passport name change personally, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with a regional office. The stipulation for this service is that you must be traveling within two weeks. You are required to also bring all of the articles mentioned above and prove your travel arrangements and agenda during your trip.

A new initiative connects analysts with non-profits

The Google Analytics Team has always supported the promotion of analytics education and professional development. We’d like to share this guest post by Wendy Greco & Eric Peterson from Analysis Exchange – an initiative designed to provide hands-on training opportunities for aspiring web analytics professionals while providing free web data analysis to the entire nonprofit community.

In the right hands, technologies like Google Analytics can do great things, but unfortunately not every organization is able to hire resources to dedicate to web analytics…

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Dear @twittercomms – A Basic Search Query For Your Engineers

I am not sure why Twitter engineers are struggling with this, and potentially misleading tech journalists (and even some well respected SEOs) with the SEO issues hampering the indexation of

This is all pretty basic technical SEO

Here is a very simple cleaned up Google search query that will bring up some interesting results…

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Finest Destinations For Black Marlin Charters

The prized game fish, Makaira Indica, or the Black Marlin, dwells in the Indo-Pacific Oceans in surface waters near the coast. It is one of the fastest-moving fish on earth (50 miles per hour) and comes from the Order, Perciformes. The average weight of M. Indica that are routinely caught on Black Marlin Charters is around three quarters of a metric ton (750 kilograms) or roughly 1700 pounds. Heftier specimens have been reported.


Makaira and other genera are on Greenpeace’s seafood red list. What this means is that they are very likely to be drawn from unsustainable sources. This is why the modern sport fisherman will capture them humanely, photograph them for posterity and return them to the sea from whence they came. Genus Makaira is from the same family, Istiophoridae, as the Hawaiian Silver Marlin and the Japanese White.

Old Salt

In the novel, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, written by Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), old salt, Santiago, finally manages to break a 12-week dry spell by hooking a member of Makaira. The rest of the novel goes on to describe the hero’s legendary battle against the combined forces of the fierce, resolute beast and Mother Nature.


Despite its descriptive name, M. Indica is not actually black but white and deep blue. It’s tail fins and inflexible pectoral fins, however, are black. Its cross section is more oval than round, unlike its blue cousin, and its ventral fins are rarely longer than 12 inches, no matter how big the fish itself is. It likes warm tropical and subtropical waters near coastland. Occasionally it makes an appearance as far south as Brazil and as far north as the Lesser Antilles.

Popular Tours

Some of the best charter fishing tours for M. Indica originate off the eastern coast of Australia. Nearly three quarters of all marlin of more than one ton in weight are caught over a 150 mile-long stretch of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns. This is roughly twice the amount caught around Brazil, Portugal and Hawaii combined.

Deap Sea

The deep sea waters off of Brisbane’s Gold Coast is a much frequented haunt for light tackle sport fishermen looking for M. Indica and other game species. Hobbyists can trawl for Mia Mia, Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo, among others. Jiggers, or bottom fishers, also flock here to capture the likes of Cobia, Kingfish, Peal Perch and Snapper.


Off the south west coast of Australia lies Port Stephens, a port more than twice the size of nearby Sydney Harbor. This world-class spot for Black Marlin Fishing also offers spectacular views, golden, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Tours here run from the month of January to April.

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