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Some Reasons – Why You Should Go Ahead For SEO For Your Website?

The competition to achieve better heights in the world of Internet marketing has reached new heights altogether with the introduction of better marketing techniques. A large number of websites have started resorting to the latest advertising techniques, such as SEO.

SEO, which is the standard abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most widely used marketing gimmicks on the Internet. SEO can be defined as a process where significant changes are made in the coding of a website so that it can rank better in the various search engine results.

The concept of SEO isn’t as simple as it seems. In fact, there are multiple aspects, which are related with effective search engine optimizing techniques and effective Internet marketing. SEO basically aims at consolidating optimum keywords within the content, which is displayed on a particular webpage so that the rankings of the webpage and the corresponding website can increase significantly in the results displayed by various search engines when the particular keywords are punched in by the user.

Internet marketing professionals, live by the rule that for effective promotion of any website, “content is king”. Another rule that marketing professionals swear by is link building. Search engine giants, such as Google and Yahoo prefer to rank those sites higher in their search results, which have maximum number of links listed in their content.

The most complex task to achieve in SEO for a particular website is to determine which keywords should be used in the content which will be displayed in the web pages of that site. The keywords chosen should depend entirely on the nature of products and services in which the company deals.

Almost every company which launches a website today prefers to undertake the services of SEO professionals. However a large number of webmasters still disregard it as an unnecessary hassle, which is frivolous and cannot serve any purpose in order to increase their sales. Such companies need to realize that effective SEO is one process, which requires a lot of hard work and effective planning.

It is no child’s play and should be taken seriously. Though effective SEO can definitely shoot up the rankings of a website, it needs to be understood that SEO is a long process which can take up even months to complete before a particular can actually make it to the top search results of a search engine.

Effective SEO requires a lot of diligent planning and a thorough research on the current market demands and trends, preferences of consumers and analysis of other websites, which deal in the similar products and services.

Some of the most ideal SEO techniques include providing only relevant information in the content, in an easy-to-locate manner. No visitor will prefer a site where they have to scout for information. Rather it should be made available to them easily, as soon as they open the webpage. Also including some free advice and tips regarding the product or service will also help.

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9 Twitter Etiquette Tips for Businesses Starting Out on Twitter

As I continue to speak to corporations, professional associations, as well as social media workshop attendees on the strategic value of Twitter for both B2C as well as B2B companies, I am finding many businesses starting to take the plunge and explore tweeting as a business tool.  As you can imagine, becoming comfortable with a Twitter presence, especially for a business, can be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out and getting your feet wet.  There are many different objectives that businesses have in embarking on using Twitter, but a common goal for many companies is to build brand loyalty and establish yourself as a helpful and useful resource for your followers, in doing so creating a relationship of trust.  There are many Twitter mistakes for business to avoid.  Here are nine Twitter etiquette tips for business to maximize a positive experience for both you and your followers.

1. Maintain a complete and current bio – you have 160 characters to make your case on a Twitter bio.  Make them count.  Create an engaging, personal, and informative description of what you and your business are about and make it interesting to potential new followers.  Maximize your use of what little real estate Twitter gives you, and remember to embed your profile with associated keywords so that those searching profiles for business expertise can find you.

2. Don’t shorten your URL or web address on your bio page – to some it might look dodgy. Include the complete address so they know where they’re going when they click on the link.  If you want to shorten your URL, use a branded URL shortener like my domain you see on my tweets (subject of a future blog post!).  Otherwise, since there is no limitation on the size of your URL on your Twitter bio, don’t make it look like every follower who visits your home page is only a mere metric in your dashboard.

3. Investigate all links you plan on re-tweeting – unless you know the source of the tweet as a trusted authority on a subject and have followed them for awhile, don’t re-tweet a link unless you’ve been there and know what information you’re passing along.  There’s nothing worse than sending your followers to a dead link, especially if it’s pointing them to a questionable website selling snake-oil.  Ultimately, this will hurt your reputation and you will lose followers.

4. Don’t spam your followers – yes, you have a great product or service and you want to get the word out.  However, tweeting exclusively about it will only annoy people and again, you’re trying to build brand loyalty and establish yourself as a useful resource.  Be prudent when sending a message on Twitter about your own products by spacing them out between other valuable tweets.  There are many 20:80 or 1 in 10 rules about the ratio of self-promotional vs. curated content.  I say become an industry resource and try not to tweet more than one self-promotional tweet a day – period.

5. Use good manners, just like in the offline world – of all the etiquette tips, this is just good common sense: Like I always say, “New Tools Old Rules.”  If someone re-tweets your link or information, if at all possible thank them. Remember, if one of your followers re-tweets your information or link, it’s going out to all of their followers.  This is a valuable action, showing trust, and trust is a keystone in any business.  Show your appreciation, and people will be more likely to re-tweet your offerings again and again.

6. Do not DM anything that may appear as spam – needless to say, it’s a bad idea to bulk DM your followers.  Many of them, when receiving an automated or “sales” DM, will unfollow you or block you entirely.  They’ll complain about spam DM’s, others will read about it, and decline to follow you as well. It’s a lose-lose situation.  Save DM’s for personalized messages.

7. Stay away from controversial subjects – the old adage applies here – politics and religion are incendiary topics, and may bring you more trouble than they’re worth. If you’re on a personal account, the sky’s the limit and you can debate anything you like. However, in a business setting, unless it directly pertains to your product or service, it may be best to leave these subjects for another time or account.  Just ask Kenneth Cole, or read my blog post on Twitter content strategy, if you have any doubts.

8. Don’t buy into personal attacks, if they occur – there’s one in every crowd, and Twitterville is no exception. The medium of text communication means a definite margin of misunderstanding because there’s no way to hear someone’s tone of voice or observe their body language. What may be meant as a joke could escalate into something more negative, but it’s wise to just walk away if it seems a conversation is deteriorating into something contentious.  It’s just not worth it.

9. Have fun with it – yes, you may be using Twitter primarily to promote your business or service, but there’s no reason it has to be drudgery. Twitter users are savvy, smart, and can pick up on the nuances of personality through the tweets of others.  Make your messages personable, interesting, and lively.  Keep an eye on the information passing through your own timeline and become involved.  Twitter is truly the most “social” of the social networking platforms that exist.  Take advantage of this to benefit your business.

Twitter is a great platform in which you can promote and build your business and brand loyalty, but it’s a two-way street. It may sound funny, but you must engage in order to engage, keeping in mind these are real people behind those tweets that you see.  Not only are these your potential clients or customers, but they’re potential friends, as well.  Making strong connections with other people is what tweeting is all about, and once you follow these Twitter etiquette tips for business, Twitterville can truly become your oyster.

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Our favorite tweets of the week May 23-May 29, 2011

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Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that we tweeted about, so don’t miss out…

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Why People Do Not Link to You? Check Your Link Popularity!

Do you check your link popularity? What does this entail? Measures of online responsiveness, sensitivity and visibility in particular are quantified through link popularity checking. This reflects the total of links that a site has. Link popularity checker allows website owners to track their site’s relevance, search status and category.

Why is it imperative to check your site’s popularity?

The quantity of links to your website will be a big factor to its performance. Your website will be simpler and easier to locate if there are many links and this will direct more traffic as well. This means that there will be more chances and opportunity of converting sales. Link popularity services are now being offered for the promotion and endorsement of websites.

What cause people not to link to your site?

There may be several factors why this happens. Whatever those factors are, they must be passed up for your business to shine and excel in the production industry. It might be necessary to look at some points and consider revisions. Here are some of the reasons why people do not link to you with their corresponding solutions:

  • There are many deceitful and deceptive links that will not be of any help. It is important that analysis and investigation is carried out so as to avoid scammers.
  • Irrelevant and unnecessary web content maybe present in your site and this will be a cause of lessened links. Since your link popularity have an effect on the search engine ranking, it will be better to construct high quality, entertaining but educational items on your site.
  • Inbound links artificial methods are not good quality aids in increasing your site’s link popularity. You will just be throwing away money, effort and time without guarantee that you will reach the desired goal. It will be better to join reciprocal link services that could help you increase your links without being suspected by search engines.
  • Avoid constructing boring, dreary and mind numbing discussions. Enticing forums must be created so that your web will catch the attention of web visitors and other webmasters. By doing so, they will agree to link with your site.

Having a high popularity rate is an outstanding and first rate source of steady, consistent and reliable targeted traffic. Link popularity services use various tools in order to have good link maintenance, supervision and management. Dominant and powerful link building line of attack has been created for better planning, implementation and performance. It is not enough that your site has many links; quantity and quality must go hand in hand.

Fewer good links are better than having many but unproductive links. Knowing your link popularity will help you determine your place in the marketing business. Continuously tracking your rate will also enable you to compare your site with other leading advertisement. By doing this, you can plan and arrange more promotional activities for your website’s development and success. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check your link popularity now!

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Getting Started With Defensive Web Design


Nothing ruins a great website UI like people using it. At least, it often feels that way. You put in days or weeks building the interface, only to find that a vast majority of visitors abandon it partway through the process that it supports. Most of the time, visitors leave because hit a roadblock: a problem that lets them go no further. They typed their credit card number wrong or clicked the wrong link or mistyped a URL…

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Google Places Mobile: Is a Broad Rollout of Check-In Offers Imminent?

In early March, Google rolled out Check In offers as a feature for Latitude in Austin. In April the feature was additionally made available to national retailers like Radio Shack and Quiznos.

The feature was not made generally accessible to most retailers. At the time I inquired of Google when it would be available more widely and if it was free or paid. Google provided their all to frequent “We’ll let you know if and when we have more details to share” response…

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Mining patterns in search data with Google Correlate

It all started with the flu. In 2008, we found that the activity of certain search terms are good indicators of actual flu activity. Based on this finding, we launched Google Flu Trends to provide timely estimates of flu activity in 28 countries. Since then, we’ve seen a number of other researchers—including our very own—use search activity data to estimate other real world activities.

However, tools that provide access to search data, such as Google Trends or Google Insights for Search, weren’t designed with this type of research in mind…

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Free Link Popularity Checker: Is it Accurate?

With the boom on Internet-based businesses, much software has also been popping out of the market about link building, SEO tools and link popularity checking software tools, as well. There are different advertisings with regards to the different services that each one has to offer for webmasters to know their popularity rating.

The Important of Having a Popularity Check

Discovering the ranking of the website in the Internet world is done for two things: to know when link popularity methods used are effective. Secondly, it is for website owners to know when popularity of the website is developed or when the ranking is good and needs to be maintained.

Important Information to be analyzed in your Website for an Accurate Link Popularity Check

  • Home Page’s Inbound Links

The idea behind the home page inbound links and link popularity is that the more pages link to your home page, the more important your home page becomes, it, therefore, deserves comparatively a higher ranking than expected. However, it can simply be applied on any of your website page.

  • Whole Site’s Inbound Links

Well, each inbound link present on any web page comes from a page that itself has quality inbound links. As we already stated that the more inbound links a page carry, the more important it becomes and so the inbound link to our page. This is what attracts google to give more weight to your whole site’s inbound links from all important and relevant pages as compared to lesser pages.

  • Deep Link’s Percentage

The internal links are the same as the deep links. They must come in link popularity check if the effective analysis of the links is done.

  • Search Engine Directory Inclusion

If you have submitted your website URl to all major search engine directories, link popularity checker will do the foremost job to show you all backlinks. Needless to say, they are the most effective and mostly permanent links.

  • Links from Sites with .gov and .edu

Sites with limited top-level domains (TLD) such as .edu and .com carry a harder entry level. Getting linked in such sites are of more importance and will provide high popularity rate for sites these sites linked with.

  • Indexed Pages

Getting indexed means that the site has inbound links, the check on how many search engines has indexed your website must be a routine for the free link popularity checker to be accurate and useful for you.

With the high demands on the link popularity checks for website masters and owners needs, it is not surprising to have the software tools free and for sale coming in popularity. It still relies on the judgment and priorities of the website owner when to consider any of the many free link popularity check to be accurate. Getting only one check but a couple of different checks may help in the website optimization.

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Our favorite tweets of the week May 16-May 22, 2011

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Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that we tweeted about, so don’t miss out…

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