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Thoughts on what the Google +1 button means for SEO

Google has announced the +1 button which allows users to vote for specific search results, AdWords ads and (in a few months) pages on your website. The button is a vote to say you like the page, think it’s cool and would want to recommend it to your friends.

The key about this button is that your friends only see the recommendations when they are searching for the same thing you were searching for…

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Free Marketing Content Strategy for Internet Website, Reciprocity … . It feels good to get something for free doesn’t it? Newsflash, it also feels good to give something away.
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How To Use CSS3 Pseudo-Classes


CSS3 is a wonderful thing, but it’s easy to be bamboozled by the transforms and animations (many of which are vendor-specific) and forget about the nuts-and-bolts selectors that have also been added to the specification. A number of powerful new pseudo-selectors (16 are listed in the latest W3C spec) enable us to select elements based on a range of new criteria.

Before we look at these new CSS3 pseudo-classes, let’s briefly delve into the dusty past of the Web and chart the journey of these often misunderstood selectors…

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Link Building Tips and Tricks

Link Building Tips and Tricks. (Page 1 of 2 ) In this search engine optimization tutorial, we will be looking at some tips and tricks for doing DIY link building in an effort to increase your standing in the major search engines. …
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State of Web Design in Greece


Most people know Greece because of its glorious past during the ancient years. Nevertheless, present times are quite stressful for the vast majority of its population due to global recession. But let’s remain optimistic and take a look at the past times of Greek tradition in art and design and then see the state of Web design — an area where things keep evolving…

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4 SEO Presentations w/ Tips, Graphics + Data You Can Use

NOTE: All of the slide decks in this post are free to download and distribute, as are any of the stats/graphics in them (please reference the source if you do). Hopefully they’ll be helpful learning tools and will make your deck-building processes easier than mine have been!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Just 2 weeks ago, I jetted off to San Marino (a small country in the northeastern part of Italy) with my travel blogging wife, Hannah Smith from Distilled, Marcus Tandler + Niels Dorje of TandlerDorje, Gianluca Fiorelli and Google’s Avinash Kaushik (along with several great local speakers)…

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Six Common Social Networking Websites | Information tips online

Online Communities is now component of our culture. Actually, you will find so numerous to select from and those that determine to turn out to be a part of 1.
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The Use Of Link Building

Link building is one of the SEO solutions that help in providing high search engine page ranking and improved visibility to a website. For any professional web developer, link building forms the backbone of SEO operations that helps in bringing quality web traffic to your website. Link building is an efficient way of enhancing the popularity of a website.

While going for a professional link building service, make sure you take the quality services of web developer that ensures you get the facility of quality web content and business centric write ups that are backed by one way back links. To ensure smooth web traffic and online sales, make sure you avail quality content management solution that gives your website a professional look and makes it user friendly.

To avail the benefit of link building, create genuine and information rich back links that are useful to clients. Make sure that the links are keyword rich that help in boosting the web traffic of website. Once the back links are ready, one can submit the articles to highly ranked directories such Digg, Ezine, Sphinn,, Reddit, Yahoo! and Stumble Upon to name a few.

In case one is looking for ways of link building, one can use various kinds of back link strategies that include URL links, text links, dynamic links, and image links. While going for link building service, one should always keep in mind the fact that back links are often spidered by the web crawlers and spiders.

Always remember the fact that well-written businesses write up that is rich with professional information helps in enhancing the web traffic and providing easy web traffic and web page visibility. Usually link building includes two kinds of links such as one way and two-way links.

While taking the services of link service, it is necessary to ensure the fact one uses relevant links that already have higher search engine result rankings along with useful content. In the process of link building, one way links is known to be perfect way of availing quality link building strategy choose link sharing partner with care as a reliable link will come useful in promoting the website.

So, in case you are looking forward to make use of professional link building strategy, ensure you choose quality SEO service provider that helps you with business centric write ups and ensures high web traffic. As an online marketing and advertising strategy, link building is the best way to enhance your online sales in a perfect way.

To popularize your website and enhance its web traffic, ensure that you use quality web link that is useful in drawing quality sales. Always remember the fact that smart and information rich content is what every client is the best way to enhance prospective clientele and link building is one of the best way to do so.

For high visibility on the World Wide Web, link building is a useful optimization tool that ensures online advertising and marketing.

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This week in search 3/25/11

This is part of a regular series of posts on search experience updates that runs on Fridays. Look for the label “This week in search” and subscribe to the series. – Ed.

Time is a precious commodity for most of us. To save you more precious seconds as you search, we’ve introduced Google Instant in Places View and redesigned the Google Search app for iPhone for faster, easier searching—whether you’re on your way out or already on the go…

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Exclusive Free Icons: “Appliance Icons”

Today we have a great set of icons created exclusively for WebdesignerDepot by Vinod.

The set includes 10 appliance super cute looking icons of all types of appliances.

The icons are provided as transparent PNG files and also an Illustrator file is included.

The icons can be used for personal and commercial use.

Please do not distribute these icons. If you want to share them with your friends, simply direct them to this page so they can download their copy from here…

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