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My 2010 Halloween Costume: Ninja!!

I got the inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume from a parade in Modesto, California. I’ve dressed up as some silly stuff in previous years, so I wanted something cool this year. And there’s not much cooler than a ninja! Here I am showing off my ninja costume:

(Click to see a full-size image.)

I tried to be authentic. Check out the details of my costume and shuriken:

(Click to see a full-size image…

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Localization, Unique Data Sets & the Future of Search

Local is Huge

Google’s US ad revenue is roughly 15 billion & the size of the US Yellow Pages market is roughly 14 billion. Most of that money is still in print, but that shift is only accelerating with Google’s push into local.

Further, cell phones are location aware, can incorporate location into search suggest, and on the last quarterly conference call Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg highlighted that mobile ads were already a billion Dollar market for Google…

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6 Cool Link Building Tips for E-Commerce Site | SEO Himanshu

Nobody would like to link to a page that sells products. But what if your product page is much more than a simple product page. Following are some practical tips to help you in your link building: …
link building tips – Google Blog Search

Real-life social media tips for journalists – Lost Remote

Real-life social media tips for journalists. … Lost Remote covers how journalists are putting social media to work, from tips and tricks to outright bloopers. Follow us on Twitter here or. …
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This week in search 10/29/10

This is one of a regular series of posts on search experience updates. Look for the label This week in search and subscribe to the series. – Ed.This week we’ve overhauled local search and made other tweaks to help you find the places, products and people you’re looking for. As you plan for the World Series and Halloween, we want to help you find the perfect sports bar, costume store and chocolate bar…

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The Expertise of Google Custom Search Engines vs. the Wisdom of Crowds

This is the third and final (for now) part in a series on Google Custom Search, and how information from custom search engines might be used in Google’s Web search.

In the first part of this series, SEO and Assumptions behind Web Searches, I described some assumptions search engineers often make that are challenged [...]…

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Swissotel’s High Value Visitor Segment

Thanks to the Conversion Room Asia-Pacific Blog and Vinaoj’s team in Singapore for this insightful, enterprise-class case study. Need a little inspiration for ways to get a LOT our of Google Analytics? Well, Advanced Segments is a great place to start. As you might know, they allow you to dissect your traffic into audiences that you actually care and want to know more about. And here’s a great example of use by a major hotelier…

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Google’s Profits: to Infinity & Beyond

Marin software manages about 5% of Google AdWords spend for clients, and they noticed that since Google Instant was unveiled, AdWords ad clicks are up 5%. Since the launch Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg has mentioned that the impact on AdWords was “not material.”

I found the repeated use of those exact words suspicious and diversionary, and, as it turned out, with good reason! When Google Instant launched I highlighted what Google was doing to screen real estate & predicted this shift…

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5 Common LinkedIn Fallacies and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

While recent social media conversations tend to be about Facebook and Twitter, I find that many professionals and businesses aren’t maximizing their LinkedIn presence.  There are many that simply don’t know what else they can be doing on the platform, while others still believe in some of the many common fallacies about the social networking platform for professionals that exist.  Social media is a tool, and you can only leverage the tool by thinking outside of the box and applying it to your situation.  Believing in what you hear about any social media platform, without taking the initiative and experimenting in it for your own benefit, will only limit your ability to utilize all of the functionality that exists.  Remember what they used to say about Twitter before you became a heavy user?  In fact, if you go back in history, you will see that Jay Baer wrote almost two years ago about the dangerous fallacies of social media, and those who read and understood what he was saying at the time undoubtedly benefited from it.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common LinkedIn fallacies floating around and why you shouldn’t believe them.

1.) The Facts: LinkedIn is Not Just About Jobs

I hear it all the time: “LinkedIn is where you go to find a job, right?”  LI began as, and still is, a professional networking site.  Sure, there are lots of jobseekers as well as those from the “Staffing & Recruiting” industry on the site, but at my last check the facts indicated that industry was not in the top 10 of those represented (Information Technology, Computer Software, and Financial Services being the Top 3 if you were curious).  There are business deals that were initiated by connecting and communicating on LinkedIn happening constantly, and I have personally found business just through the art of participating in a Group discussion.  I have also given business to those I found in People Searches and even those I found from LinkedIn Answers!  If you still think LI is just for jobs, you might be missing out on a lot of potential business.

2.) Intimidation is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Some say that, compared to Facebook and Twitter, the LinkedIn environment is stuffy.  It is true that, in comparison, LI lacks a realtime and dynamic environment.  There is obviously no chat functionality like you have on Facebook, and users don’t respond in lightning speed to you like they do on Twitter.  Add this to the fact that LinkedIn has an overwhelmingly professional demographic and you can see why some feel a little intimated to initiate or participate in discussions.  Just like any other networking event, intimidation is in the eyes of the beholder.  If you are intimidated nothing will happen.  Just remember that many of the same people are also on Twitter if not on Facebook.  The user interface and “atmosphere” may breed intimidation, but the people are the same that you will find on other social networks.  Those that are intimidated will reap few benefits from being on any social media site.

3.) Too Many Emails? Get Control.

Every social media site seems to send you a lot of emails as a default setting when you sign up.  LinkedIn is no different, and many complain about the numerous emails that you receive after signing on.  You are in full control of which emails that you receive and which notifications you can see directly on the website by going to the Settings –> Email Notifications –> Receiving Notifications page.  If you were curious, check out my default settings below and give it a try to see if it is appropriate for you:

For Groups, I recommend trying daily digests, but if you feel they are not relevant move on to weekly digests or even no digests at all.  When you have time, visit those Groups that you don’t receive digests for: there will never be a lack of discussions to engage on in any given Group!

4.) I Signed Up and Nothing Happened

LinkedIn itself is just a huge database of profiles with some additional functionality and applications thrown together.  What is important about it is that key decision makers from any given industry or company are on the site.  However, just like attending a networking event and standing in a corner waiting for people to come to you that never do, you need to go out and engage with others.   There are many ways to engage with other professionals on LinkedIn, so for starters I recommend joining as many relevant Groups as you can find and participating in conversations that you find interesting or feel you can contribute to.  Just like life itself, you need to make things happen.  Read my post on “Which LinkedIn Groups Should I Join?” if you can’t find any Groups worth joining.

5.) Isn’t Social Media Marketing Just About Facebook?

LinkedIn is always the dark horse at social media conferences with Twitter and Facebook stealing most if not all of the conversations.  But if you are a B2B company, LinkedIn can be much more effective for your social media marketing than Facebook or Twitter.  The facts are that even B2C companies have B2B aspects (distributors, alliance partners, vendors, etc.) who can be better marketed to on LinkedIn.  This is why I always say LinkedIn should be your hub for B2B social media marketing.

Since many of you have never had a chance to hear me speak, check out my video discussing this blog post topic at a recent presentation I did at UCLA:

Enough about what I think…what do you think?  Any other fallacies out there that I should have added to the list?  What’s keeping you from spending more time on LinkedIn?

(image by Elephant Wearing Striped Pants via Flickr)

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WordTracker’s Free SEO Videos

Mike Mindel from Wordtracker has put together some nice free SEO overview videos for beginners in the industry. Check them out:

  • SEO Your Web Page for Google
  • Discover a Profitable Niche for a New Website
  • How to Plan Your Site Structure for Maximum Traffic

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